About the company

About the company

Tarini Creations ,a name that resonates with Creativity and Responsibility,was founded in the year 2011.It was integrated with the company's 20 year old business of fabric supply.

Eventually,Tarini Creations turned out to be the most sought after company for its cost effective and quality products in the domestic and export markets.


To  become the most admirable and responsible house of fashion  delivering sustainable value  to our  customers.



To create world class standard products at optimum cost and to provide a conducive working atmosphere for the people by

  • Operating our assets at benchmark levels
  • Executing projects  with predictable  quality, cost and time
  • Driving Organizational Transformation and creating a Culture that will help us to deliver  efficiently.
  • Being the lead adopter of technology, wherever appropriate, with a bold spirit of pioneering and calculated risk taking, and building capabilities that would help us internalise the use of these technologies.



Our Values are SACRED to us

  • Safety - Safety is a core value over which no business objective can have a higher priority
  • Agility - Speed, Responsiveness and being Proactive, achieved through Collaboration. outsourcing  and  Empowering Employees
  • Care - Care for our Environment, Customers & Suppliers ? both existing and potential, our Community and our People (our employees and partners)
  • Respect -Treat all  with respect and dignity
  • Ethics - Achieve the most admired standards of Ethics, through Integrity and mutual Trust
  • Diligence - Do everything (set direction, deploy actions, analyze, review, plan and mitigate risks etc) with a thoroughness that delivers quality and  Excellence ? in all areas.


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